Loans for Investor Borrowers

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Real estate investors can often have a difficult time qualifying for conventional financing. The sale of property is not treated as income, and tax returns can typically contain numerous write-offs. Investors will frequently turn to expensive, short-term private money loans, or pay cash. For non-owner-occupied properties, we provide 30-year amortized loans without balloons, and do not require tax returns.

Perfect for investors who do not show enough net income on tax returns to qualify for traditional financing; or who are seeking alternatives to hard money.

Loans for Investor Borrowers

Program Details

  • Tax returns are not required
  • As little as 20% down when market rent covers proposed mortgage payment
  • As little as 25% down when market rent is less than proposed mortgage payment
  • Loan amounts up to $6 Million, higher by exception
  • Gift funds are permitted with minimum 5% borrower contribution
  • 30-year amortization without balloon
  • Foreign nationals allowed up to 70% LTV

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